USB Rechargeable LED Neck Knitting Light

Color:  Black

Can’t knit at night? Are darker yarns giving you eye strain? Knitting Light is specifically designed to save you from that eye strain.

It is a MUST have for every serious knitter and crocheter! This ultimate knitting light lets you knit/crochet anytime, anywhere without any worries. Just place it over your neck and let your hands dance on the stitches as the hours pass.

LED Knitting Light Is Unlike Any Other Light

A small portable light that is statistically proven and ophthalmologist-approved to change the way you craft for the better. That makes you feel better, too.

Choose the best light temperature and brightness for your needs. Each light setting utilizes a combination of the market-leading light wavelengths to help you overcome a multitude of crafting problem. Prevent your pains, avoid mistakes, and craft much more with joy with just 1 simple device.

  • Guarantees to prevent crafters’ eyestrain and migraines.
  • Eliminates back and neck pain from hunching over.
  • Backed by consumer studies ophthalmologist-approved.
  • 100% clear vision while crafting (especially with darker yarns).


  • 3 different color temperatures, yellow(3000K), white(6000K), and warm white(4000K)
  • Infinitely adjustable brightness
  • Lightweight design only weighs 3.4 oz
  • Rechargeable with built-in 1000mAh battery.
  • Charges in 2 hours and lasts more than 8 hours at one go.
  • Skin-friendly, no sweat, soft to touch premium silicone coating
  • Flexible like a yoga lady
  • Completely hands-free
  • Each lamp head works independently
  • Doesn't affect your sleeping cycle with no flicker and blue light blocking setting
  • Spotlight design doesn't disturb people around you.


Here's how to put eyestrain and lost productivity in the past:

  • Place the light on your neck.
  • Press the buttons on each head to turn on the lights.
  • Press the button again to change the color temperature
  • Press and hold the button to adjust the brightness.
  • Start crafting anytime anywhere without any worries!

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