Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable


Control Your Dog's Excessive Barking Habits Effortlessly

Don't give up on regulating your dog's bad barking habits just yet.

The  Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable was created for dog owners like you who want to reduce the excessive barking of your furry friend. By sending harmless ultrasonic waves, your dog will associate the sound with the behavior you wish to eliminate and will reduce it over time.

Whether you want to stop your dog from barking excessively at the mailman at 6 AM in the morning or at a stray that keeps you awake at night, the Ultrasonic Dog Training Bark Device will help you regain peace of mind and adjust any dog's behavior effortlessly.

✔️ Effectively Trains To Reduce Aggressive Behavior & Excessive Barking

Looking for ways to train your dog not to bark too much at your visitors, neighbors, and cats that regularly pass by your home?

The Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable has got you all covered. This training device works by emitting an attention-grabbing, yet harmless ultrasonic sound designed to let your dog associate it with their disobedience and excessive barking effectively causing them to reduce their aggression. And unlike traditional methods that may take years for your dog to pick up, training with the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device can only take a single week for your dog to display obedience as needed.

✔️ 100% Safe For Both Dogs And Humans Alike 

Harmless to pets, completely inaudible to humans! What makes the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable so special is that it trains your dog in a way that doesn't really harm them at all. This is made possible thanks to its low-intensity ultrasonic emission of 25K Hz that can get your dog's attention, this intensity is considered low and still tolerable for dogs. A perfect alternative to traditional training methods that don't take months or years of training to work.

✔️ Doubles As A Protection Medium Against Wild Strays

Aside from its behavioral training functionalities, the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable also doubles as a form of protection against aggressive strays you encounter outdoors.  It supports 3 different modes (Flashlight + Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic & Beep) with each of them serving a different purpose. Whether you go out for a jog or walk your dog in the park, this amazing device lets you keep unfriendly dogs away in an instant. This training device works at up to an approximate distance of 5 feet away (effective up to approx. 32 feet).

✔️ Multifunctional. Doubles As A Pocket Flashlight

What also makes the  Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable a pretty nifty tool to have around is that it doubles as a flashlight. Walking your dog at night? Light up your way in poorly lit areas with ease.

✔️ A Practical Addition To Your "Everyday Carry"

What makes the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable a lot easier to appreciate is that it flaunts a compact size that can easily slide inside your pocket. It's also powered with a 1000 mAh Lithium battery, rechargeable using a type C- USB cord giving you an untethered experience. Simply charge it for 2.5 hours to fully charged, and you're all set to train your dog and protect yourself from being bitten by wild strays. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 xUltrasonic Dog Bark Training Device - Rechargeable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cord

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