Solar Garden Fountain

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  • Enjoy the Calming Sound - Sit back and listen to the peaceful sounds of trickling water in your lawn.

  • Contrary to electric or battery-powered fountains, this solar-powered fountain is both economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Get Your Bird Friends Together - Utilise the 4 distinctive water spray patterns to entice more birds to your yard.

  • Put the fountain in the water and watch it work for effortless beauty! Simple installation and upkeep are not necessary.
  • A Dynamic Decoration: This lovely, 7-inch-diameter fountain will add life and motion to your pond or birdbath.


The Solar Garden Fountain is now available—a small piece of heaven for your outdoor area!

Imagine the fountain spraying water in a mesmerising dance with the sun shining down and beautiful ripples covering the surface of your pond or birdbath.

You'll enjoy a new show every day thanks to the 4 varied spray patterns. There are no unsightly cables, complicated setup, or maintenance requirements for this solar-powered fountain.

Installation is Simple and Straightforward with Our Solar Garden Fountain! Just toss it into the water, and the sun will take care of the rest.

Upgrade Your Backyard Oasis - Add this attractive solar-powered fountain to your garden, patio, birdbath, or pond. Your mind and spirit will be calmed by the water's captivating melody.

Color: Black
Dimension: 7 inches (17.5cm) in diameter
Weight: 7 oz

How to use:

Put the solar garden fountain into the water, with the solar panels facing upwards and into the sun. It will run automatically.


  • 1 x Solar-Powered Bird Fountain
  • 4 x Fountain Heads


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