Snore Stopper Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

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It is a powerful, comfortable, one-length-suits-all answer which makes use of tongue displacement technology.

You don't must mold or trim it, nor do you want to fuss with any jaw changes. Since there may be no strain carried out for your gums, jaw, or teeth, it is right for denture wearers. lt is likewise a cushty answer for folks that can't get used to the jaw positioning of a MAD.

The Anti Snore TSD is a top-notch simple, powerful, andnoninvasive anti-loud night breathing clinical gives aclear answer for the remedy of loud night breathing problems.

Traditional mandibular development gadgets in a roundaboutway flow the tongue ahead through transferring the mandible.But Anti Snore TSD lightly suctions to the top of the tongue,stopping it from falling lower back into the throat and obstructingthe airway. In addition, it prevents clenching and enamel grindingby positioning the tongue among the top and decreasing teeth.


In other cases, nasal congestion from allergies or deformities of the cartilage between the two sides of the nose can contribute to narrowing of the airway.

By keeping the airway open, air travels more slowly, reducing throat vibrations and diminishing or eliminating problem snoring. Holding the tongue forward is one of the most effective ways of keeping the airway open during sleep.
However, the most common cause of the narrowing of the upper airway is a tongue muscle that becomes too relaxed during sleep. When relaxed,it gets sucked back into the throat with each breath taken.

Because snoring occurs when air travels faster through a narrow tube than through a broad one, this rapidly moving air causes the relaxed soft tissues of the throat to vibrate. lt is this vibration that creates the sound of snoring

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