Roll Over Pad - Elderly Care Aid for Bedridden Elderly Patients

Color:  Green

Elevate Care Standards With Ease!

When it comes to elderly care, especially for bedridden patients, the smallest details can make a huge difference. Imagine having a tool that not only ensures patient comfort but also simplifies the task for caregivers. The Roll Over Pad is designed to address those nuances, streamlining the care process and offering a series of tangible benefits.

User-Centric Design

Our Roll Over Pad has been meticulously designed with a unique U-shape to fit leg contours seamlessly. This thoughtful design ensures easy body posture adjustments, significantly reducing the risk of bedsores and muscle atrophy. It also facilitates bed exercises, which are crucial for maintaining muscle tone and health.

Ultimate Caregiver Assistance

Rotating and adjusting patients is an essential aspect of caregiving, especially for wound management and prevention. Our pad isn't just a simple aid—it's a caregiver's companion. With it, changing pads and mattresses becomes a breeze, ensuring patients remain in optimal conditions to accelerate healing.

Premium Quality Assurance

Crafted with soft PU leather, this pad is a synthesis of durability and comfort. It's not just eco-friendly and anti-allergic but also retains its shape even after extended use. This ensures the elderly experience no discomfort, making it ideal for sensitive skin and prolonged use.


Material: PU
Size: 48 X 40 cm/ 18.9 inches x 15.7 inches

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