Poultry Chicken Water Heater Heated Chicken Water for Winter Automatic Chicken Water

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Poultry Chicken Water Heater, 130W Heated Chicken Waterer for Winter Automatic Chicken Water for Plastic/Metal Chicken Coop Bucket Under 6 Gallons, No Rust Heated Base for Prevents Freezing


  • 【Poultry Water Heater Prevents Water from Freezing】 Ensure that poultry or pets can drink water normally in winter. Chicken waterer heated is suitable for use in chicken coops, cages, pens and dry or covered outdoor areas. Do not use the heated chicken waterer base exposed to rain, wind or snow. Otherwise the airflow may be too strong for the heater to work properly and the chicken water may freeze. Suitable for your chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, pigs, dogs, grain bin cats and other livestock and pets etc.
  • 【Automatic Chicken Water Heater】Chicken water heater base has a built-in thermostat in the heated chicken waterer that automatically controls the thermostat. When the heater temperature exceeds 77°F( 25℃), it will stop heating. When the temperature drops below 35℉(2℃), it reheats. Will not scald chickens and ensures that they can drink normally instead of not drinking because the water is too hot. Reduces evaporation of water and reduces the number of water refills.
  • 【Safety Water Heater for Chicken】The drinker heated base has a safe standard power cord which passed multiple quality inspection, it will not melt the plastic, will not scald your chickens and will not cause the hay in the chicken coop to catch fire when used. Heated base for chicken waterer is built of galvanized steel that resists rusting and corrosion. You do not having to go outside in the cold weather every day to replace frozen water.
  • 【For Plastic or Iron Poultry Waterer】 The highest temperature of 77 ℉. Chicken water heater is made of galvanized steel with good thermal conductivity on the base. The unit will not be energized until the temperature drops below freezing and the power consumption is less than 1 amp per hour. The base is protected to prevent debris and water from entering the heating coil.
  • 【Plug and Play Heated Chicken Waterer】 Heated livestock heated waterers require no spare parts to replace, just plug in and your chickens or farm animals will be enjoying gently warm water in minutes. The working power of poultry water heater is only 30W, saving electric energy, very safe in utilization.

The package includes:

  • 1 x Chicken water heater base

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