Multi-Purpose Tool Pliers


Multi-Purpose Tool Pliers

Well, howdy there, folks! Let me tell you 'bout a little somethin' that's gonna make your life A WHOLE LOT EASIER. You see, life's a wild ride, and you never know when you're gonna need a hand. That's where this here multi-purpose tool pliers come into play.

Now, imagine this: you're out in the woods, explorin' the great outdoors, and suddenly, you need a screwdriver to fix up your gear. Or maybe you're in a fix, and a trusty knife is what's gonna save the day. Heck, you might even need a pair of pliers to tackle a tough task. Well, this multi-tool's got you covered, partner. It's like havin' a whole toolbox right in your pocket, ready to ride shotgun with you wherever you go.

This little fella ain't no one-trick pony, I'll tell ya that. It's packin' a punch with 14 functions that'll have you hollerin' with joy. We're talkin' long nose pliers, round nose pliers, cuttin' pliers, a sharp-as-a-tack knife, a trusty ol' Philips screwdriver, and a slotted screwdriver that can handle them small ones (we call 'em "S"), as well as them big fellas (that's the "L" one). And if you're feelin' a bit serrated, we got a knife for that too.

But that ain't all, folks! This bad boy also comes equipped with a hook remover for those fishin' trips, a double-sided file to keep things smooth, a small scraper for those sticky situations, a medium-sized slotted screwdriver for the Goldilocks of screws (that's "M" for ya), and even a can opener and a bottle opener for when it's time to kick back and enjoy a cold one.

  • STAINLESS STEEL STURDY: Crafted from rugged stainless steel for durability that stands the test of time.
  • SECURE SIDE LOCK: No wobbling or slipping here – every tool and knife lock firmly in place when fully open.
  • FEATHER-LIGHT AND PORTABLE: Lightweight construction makes it a breeze to carry wherever you roam.
  • FOLDABLE FREEDOM: Ingenious foldable design ensures easy storage and pocket-friendly convenience.
  • BELT LOOP BUDDY: Comes complete with a handy nylon pouch that straps snugly to your belt loop, leaving your pockets unburdened.


  • Folding length: 3.94 inches
  • Developed length: 6.14 inches
  • Folding specification: 3.94 inches x 1.57 inches x 0.63 inches
  • Blade length: 2.36 inches
  • Main material: 420 steel
  • Weight: about 8.11 ounces net weight


  • 1 X Multi-purpose tool pliers
  • 1 X Pouch

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