Long Handle Standing Weed Puller


Weeding is no longer a pain with this Standing Weed Puller.

🌞Get rid of weeds without putting your back at risk with this long handled weed control tool.🙌


EASY HANDLE: Allows for non-bending operation and makes it simple to remove weeds from the hoof.

FOOT PEDAL: By using the foot pedal, you may push the weed eater into the ground with necessary force.

3-STEEL-CLAWS: By using 3-STEEL-CLAWS, you can stand while weeding rather of gruellingly stooping over and kneeling.

PROTECT YOUR BACK: No chemicals are necessary. The weeds can grip weeds and their roots for permanent removal, making for comfort and convenience of usage. No more stinky weed killers on your clothes and skin.

DEEP IN ROOTS: The foot pedal enables you to exert sufficient force on the weed remover to pierce the soil and seize all the weeds, including their roots, to prevent them from growing.


STEP 1 - Place pointed claw over the weed to be removed and push weeder into the ground firmly using the force of your foot.

STEP 2 - Twist the handle to one side and uprooted weed.

STEP 3 - Press the button to remove the weed.



  • Material: Aluminium, ABS, PP
  • Color: Silver + Green
  • Size: 50x22.5x5cm (19.7*8.9*2.0 in)


    • 1 * Standing Weed Puller



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