Liquid Power Generation Emergency Flashlight

Color:  Red-White


Give the gift of outdoor readiness with our Liquid Power Generation Emergency Flashlight. It's not just a flashlight; it's a versatile tool designed to keep you prepared and illuminated during all your outdoor adventures.


- Liquid Power Generation, Unlimited Liquid

- Emergency Power Supply

- Compass Function

- Temperature Resistance


INSTANT POWER GENERATION WITH A SMALL AMOUNT OF LIQUID - In the great outdoors, quick and reliable lighting is essential. With just about 6ml (approximately a spoonful) of liquid, this flashlight springs to life. Flip it upside down, let it stand for a few seconds, and witness it rapidly generate electricity for instant illumination, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

UNLIMITED LIQUIDS - When you're exploring the wilderness, finding the right activation liquid is a breeze. Whether it's juice, milk, sewage, urine, or any other liquid you have on hand, this flashlight is ready to be activated. Its versatility ensures you're never without a source of light, even in remote locations.

NOT AFRAID OF ANY TEMPERATURE - Mother Nature doesn't hold back, and neither does this flashlight. It fearlessly operates in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C, making it suitable for any environment. Whether you're hiking in frigid cold or navigating high altitudes, trust in its durability and reliability.

LONG-LASTING ENDURANCE - Your outdoor adventures can be lengthy, and so is this flashlight's endurance. It offers continuous illumination for an impressive 120 hours, ensuring you have a dependable light source throughout your journey, be it a camping trip or a long hike.

COMPASS - Explore with confidence, even in challenging conditions. This flashlight features a high-precision compass at the bottom, enabling you to navigate accurately, even in temperatures as low as -20°C. It's the ultimate outdoor tool, combining illumination and direction-finding capabilities for your peace of mind.


Color: Red-White, Red-Black, Black-White

Material: Plastic

Light Source Form: Led

Power Supply Form: Kinetic Energy Conversion

Power: 0.5w

Battery: 3500mAh

Weight: 100g

Size: 135 * 65 * 25.5mm


Liquid Power Generation Emergency Flashlight*1


This product requires less water. It is recommended to add water every 12 hours or more, and half a spoonful of water is sufficient. If too much water is added, it may affect the lighting performance of the product.

It is recommended to add a small amount of water (3mI) to the bottom of the emergency flashlight to increase lighting when the brightness decreases after 24 hours.

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