L Shape Memory Foam Seat Back Cushion Orthopedic Coccyx Spine Mat

Title:  Deep Grey


Are you spending hours and hours on your office chair daily? or do you spend most of your time traveling in the car? in the airplane? spending hours sitting down can lead to serious tailbone, hips,thighs,legs, and back pain. Sitting on hard material such us hard chair can severely hurt your tailbone. That is the reason why you need seat cushion in your life.

This seat cushion is design to to support and relief your tailbone pain. You will be astound how much better you will after your day working

Relax in luxury with this seat cushion Comfort Gel Infused and Ventilated Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Our 2nd generation chair cushion features a revised formula with premium gel infused memory foam and strategically placed holes to enhance comfort and cooling.

Allow yourself to sit longer, be more productive, more focused, and all-around more comfortable with this Comfort's Gel Infused Memory Foam Seat Cushion. 

Pure Memory Foam & Gel Pad - This seat cushion is made with 100% memory foam and coated with a layer of gel pad, meaning its comfortable. The memory foam and the gel pad helps to correct bad posture and alleviate pain caused by sitting down for really long hours.

Orthopedic and ergonomic design - This seat cushion was design with ergonomic in mind. It is recommended by orthopedists to help reduce pain in the tailbone, back, and hips. The unique design reduce pressure on these problem areas  which make it easier to sit all day without having pain. The seat cushion memory foam allows your bottom to perfectly fit while protecting your tailbone.

Perfect for home Offices & Drivers - For the the completion of your home office, you need this seat cushion. As working form home is what is going one those days, you need your butt to rest while doing work in your office with this coccyx cushion.

Non-slip cover - The cover on this seat cushion was design with a non slip cover at the bottom so it won't go sliding out of place while you shift in your seat. In addition, the cover is removable and machine-washable.

Replacement guarantee - if anything wrong with your seat cushion such as manufacturing default, we will be glad to send you a new one free of charge. Just email us and we will take care of that.

 If you have tailbone, back, leg and hip pain, or experiencing pain from sciatica, this seat cushion is exactly what you need to survive all this pain. Since its design, reduced chronic pain has never been easier. All because of this seat cushion. Buy yours now and say adios to chronic pain.


Size: 40.9x44.1x24cm -->16.10x17.36x9.44"



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