Hearing Aids CIC Invisible And Rechargeable


Extremely Small & Invisible

With the Hearing Aid being less then a inch in diameter it makes it nearly invisible while wearing and matches the color of skin on the outside to blend right in.

Forget about big and clunky hearing aids that wrap around your ear and switch to our CIC Hearing Aids today!

Hear For Longer

Forget about constantly switching out hearing aid batteries. Our hearing aids eliminate the hassle of switching little A10 batteries with our rechargeable feature!

Easily recharge your hearing aids for the day ahead by inputting them into their charging dock before you sleep.

Extremely Easy To Use

We designed our hearing aids to be extremely easy to use and operate so you can get back to hearing the things you love!

With fully adjustable volume controls, our CIC Hearing Aids are the perfect match to anyone suffering from any sort of hearing loss, no matter how little or how much!

Parcel Includes

A Set Of Hearing Aid


Are these hearing aids going to work for me?

Yes. For the most part our hearing aids work flawlessly for anyone suffering from hearing loss. Even if they don't work out for you or you don't like them for any reason, feel free to return them at no cost to you!

Will they fit your ears?

YES. In the package we offer multiple different sized tips to ensure you have the right fit for your ear.

Do I need to take a hearing test?

Our hearing aids are completely customizable to different settings to adapt to what your current hearing level is at. No hearing test is needed to purchase our hearing aids.

The price seems too good to be true, why is it so cheap?

We are a direct-to-consumer retailer. Meaning we cut out the middle man and bring those savings directly to you.

Additionally since we do not have retail locations, we are able to reduce our overhead and once again pass those savings on to you.

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