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How to keep warm this winter without breaking the bank.

Save electricity and warm-up any room at the touch of a button.
The problem people have is that most of obsolete heaters are big, expensive and they lack integrated thermostats to avoid energy waste.

Warmool’s company is committed to resolving all these pain points. That is why, they have developed a portable economic easy-to-use heater, perfect for all houses, offices and bathrooms.

It helps fight the cold anytime, anywhere
How does Warmool transform cold and chilly rooms into warm and comfortable ones? The secret is on the technology employed.

The ceramic element keeps the heat a 30% more time, so there is a less waste of energy to warm up over and over again. Warmool uses less energy to generate more heat than traditional heaters.

Being portable, it can warm up any room up to 20 square meters and make it 37% warmer in a few minutes and for little money.


A compact electric heater with an iconic design that raises the bar for flexible home heating with an add-on option for smart functionality that unlocks a host of intelligent and energy saving features.


Equipped with tip-over protection, overheat protection and crafted with flame retardant materials.


Works straight out of the box, powered by a standard mains socket. Ready in seconds.


Packed with enough wattage to heat a large room (up to 215 sqft / 20 sqm). Fara has two output settings of 800W and 1200W

Your home. Your comfort.

With the latest generation of ceramic heating, Fara swiftly and effectively heats up your surrounding environment. The iconic and contemporary velodrome design ensures compatibility with any interior setting, meaning Fara finds a home on any surface. Smart app features and voice assistant integrations instantly upgrade your heating experience to new levels of convenience and cost efficiency. Equipped with all-encompassing safety features and crafted with flame retardant materials, it is an ideal choice to keep your environment comfortable and safe.


Form meets function

Fara is designed to fit into any contemporary environment, without sacrificing performance. A unique combination of quality materials and colors combine to create an iconic design that merges with state of the art performance — a precision-crafted stainless steel grill engineered for even heat distribution with a bronze velodrome style trim for an endless feel. Equipped with a hidden handle for easy mobility - Fara is a versatile heater designed to move.


Do more with less
Engineered to be compact but loaded with enough power to heat your whole room*, Fara has a heating capacity of 1’200 Watts meaning it can heat up to 215ft with ease. The ceramic heating element provides instant heat which is evenly distributed by a silent yet powerful built in fan. Performance never looked so good.


How to use it?

Choose the room you want to warm up.

Plug your Warmool into the power supply.

After just 60 seconds, you will feel the room heat up.




It heats up to 20 square meters in record time and SAVES MONEY on electricity bills.

Built-in timer: This is perfect when you go to sleep.

So silent that you won’t even notice! Moreover, it is easy-to-use: it is plugged in the power supply and in just few seconds it begins to warm up.

This winter will be EXTREMELY COLD, it will possibly be one of the coldest seen in decades. Experts say we need to make preparations!


It warms up any room in next to no time.

It will keep you warm and comfortable without having to pay to heat your entire house.


Saves money

It reduces your energy consumption and, thanks to this, it saves so much money on bills.



The external case does not heat up, so that you can move it from one room to another easily. It is also perfect for traveling and offices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):


Is it plugged into the power supply?

Yes, it has a wire which is plugged into the electricity network.

What makes it so special?

That it has been designed to fight Swedish hard winters and low temperatures.

Is it silent?

It is silent enough. You can’t even tell it is switched on.

Are there any offers available?

Yes, there’s a 50% launch promotion.

What do people who already have one or more Warmools in their homes think?



We use it to warm up the bathroom and the kitchen, and it is perfect compared to what we used before.


I use it to heat my room and it works perfectly. My room is 15 square meters and thanks to Warmool I do not get cold at night.


We live at the mountains and during it is very cold all year roubd. We were tired of paying bills and chopping the firewood. We wish we had discovered this product before! We keep it switched on for many hours and it uses very little energy!


It works properly, I was in between some heaters and this one is perfect, it heats the bathroom in few minutes, it has a timer for switching it off and chilling to avoid that it burns out and everything has been okay, it has been a success.


I switched it on 10 minutes before, in a bathroom of around 5 square meters and it's perfect. I’m so happy with my purchase.


It warms up small spaces in next to no time. Low noise, programmable and discreet. I recommend it.


"With Gaedenoon, form meets function. It is small, yet mighty. We created an iconic, portable, design that is at home in any working or living space, without sacrificing a single watt of heating performance. All this, with the option of smart functionality, makes Fara the most versatile heater to date."
--Madi Azoff, CEO



Product: Gardenoon Electric Heater
Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 20 cm
Maximum Power: 1200W
Power Supply: 110V/120V/230V/240V
Manual: QR Code Guide

Plug specification: USPlug

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