Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher Device - Neck Pain Relief

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Taking The Weight Off Your Neck Muscles To Let Them Stretch And Unwind

A chronic problem that millions of individuals deal with on a daily basis is neck discomfort. If you're one of them, you understand how bothersome it may be in addition to how painful it can be!

How it works:

Restricted space between the intervertebral discs can lead to pinched nerves and restricted blood flow, two conditions that can cause neck discomfort


Headache-Related Neck Pain By balancing the weight applied to your neck muscles, the Stretcher Device addresses both issues by enabling your muscles to stretch and unwind.

improves circulation and relieves pinched nerves by increasing the distance between your intervertebral discs.

In just one session, neck pain can be relieved, and regular use improves cervical disc alignment and posture!

Clinical Studies:

Many clinical studies on cervical neck traction have been conducted over the years.

Cervical neck traction has been shown in clinical studies to be an effective means of reducing or eliminating cervical pain by increasing cervical vertebral separation.

Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher Device can therefore assist you in finding relief from pinched nerves or herniated discs!

Many clinical studies on cervical neck traction have been conducted over the years.
Merely 20 Minutes Everyday:

It only takes twenty minutes! Put on ProWellnessTM to get all-day pain relief rather than just relief from neck pain.

Wear it for leisure or work. No need to mess with your regular routine!

Simple to Use:

Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher Device's is incredibly simple to use. Simply wrap it around your neck and adjust the tightness to your preference. Inflate the pillow by pumping until it releases pressure from your neck. Remain calm, enjoy, and sit back!

Neck Strap Adjusters:

Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher Device's adjustable strap system allows it to fit necks of all sizes. It can be made to expand and contract as needed by the Velcro straps, giving you a secure and comfortable fit.

Enough In Size To Travel Anywhere:

On stiff days, get spinal traction wherever you are—at home or on the go. It's compact enough to fit in your car, backpack, purse or suitcase and is soft and lightweight.

Expandable for Optimal Comfort:

You can easily adjust the Cervical Neck Traction Stretcher Device to achieve a comfortable spinal stretch that will help you relax your shoulders and neck. Fits up to a neck size of 17.5" without discomfort.

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