150 DB Train Horn with Air Compressor - Loudest Electric Horn

Type:  12V

This Train Horn is amazing and will surprise everyone!

These train horns can fit in almost any truck, car, boat or vehicle and deliver the big sound you need. They may be small but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there.

150DB Train Horn Features

150DB Loud: Air Horn blares out a loud and powerful warning. The two durable trumpets can produce sound as loud as 150DB. The great powerful sound catches everyone’s attention.

The air horn is metal material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage; and is designed to be weather resistant, tough enough to withstand the any weather and form of elements of blizzard.

The air horn With a polished red compressor and shiny chrome horn they cast an eye-catching appearance on any vehicle mounted, and the air horn can produce 150DB sound, improve the safety of family and driver travel you need .

12V DC power available. The horns are commonly installed on cars, train, trucks, vans, tractors, buses etc. It is also extremely suitable for motorcycles or boats.

It is flexible and portable so it has the reflexes to take from one car to another easily. The horn kit includes basic mounting hardware, hose, and relay.

Suitable for any vehicle that uses a 12V battery

It’s the perfect upgrade for trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, boats, and bigger motorcycles. The installation process takes less than an hour and is easy to do.

Having a loud Train Horn has many benefits

  • Your vehicle is heard from far greater distances.
  • The deep notes can be heard over loud music.
  • Increases safety and reduces the chance of an accident.
  • Makes a strong statement over the stock horn.
  • Fast setup – Quickly attach to your vehicle’s grill or fender using the included hardware.  Easy to install using your car’s existing wires.


  • Material: Chrome plated zinc (Non-Rusting)
  • DB Output: 150DB
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Frequency HZ of Horn: 680HZ
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): Approx. 45 x 10 x 10cm/17.7 x 3.9 x3.9in
  • Hose Length: Approx. 42.5cm / 16.7in
  • Hose Diameter: Approx. 10mm / 0.4in

Package Included

1 x Truck Air Horn
1 x Compressor
1 x Hose
1 x Fitting Accessories

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